Private Label & Barrel Club

Custom Wine by the Barrel

Become the Winemaker, Experience Something Truly Special at SoLu Estate Winery

Whether your private wine label or custom blend is designed to commemorate something special or just to help expand your private collection, we gladly assume the role of your assistant, guiding and advising you as you become a winemaker in your own right.

Private Label Wine

  • Choose from our current wine and mead offerings and add your custom label
  • Typically ready in 1-4 months
  • Averages $20-30/bottle

Barrel Member Club

  • Blend and age your own custom wine
  • Ages for 4-8 months, on average
  • Ranges from $20-30/bottle
Need a Gift for an Upcoming Event?

Make Your Very Own Wine Or Mead

Custom Blend Your Own Wine with Our SoLu Barrel Member Experience