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SoLu Estate Absolutely Acai

Absolutely Acai


For those of you who love Sangria with big fruity flavors and lush sweetness, just add your favorite fresh tropical fruit and you’ll be instantly transported to your favorite Mediterranean destination!

SoLu Estate Amazon Blue Limited Release

Amazon Blue


A fresh and fruity combination of mead, blueberries, and acai berries. The flavors will bring sunny, late spring days to mind, so drink it year-round!

Door County Cherry Mead

Door County Cherry


Door County Cherry is a sweet gift we make from naturally sweet honey and cherries. These traditionally simple ingredients are carefully fermented into a fine wine to give you all the sweet aroma and full dark cherry flavor.

SoLu Estate Honey Badger

Honey Badger


A delicious blend of mead and apple wine. What a combination! The apple is prominent on the nose and upfront, while the honey is more subtle, gradually coming through on the mid-palate.

SoLu Estate Pear Bear

Pear Bear


Late harvest of European pears offers a pear-fect ripened fruit to blend with our mead. Gentle but crisp, this mead is the birth of our next top-seller!

SoLu Estate Simply Ginger

Simply Ginger


This invigorating mead, like an uncarbonated ginger ale with a little extra kick, can be served in so many ways! Drink it straight, throw it over ice and top it off with seltzer, or use it in your favorite cocktail!

Strawberry Gold WineOut Of Stock

Strawberry Gold


A rich fresh strawberry nose up front. Sweet, refreshing, and crisp, with a satisfying finish.

SoLu Estate Torked



The aroma is a marvelous mix of coffee and honey. Torked has all the alcohol and all the caffeine needed to perk up your day!

SoLu Estate Traditional



With only three ingredients (honey, water, and yeast), it’s a mead to make the Vikings proud! It has all the beautiful aromas and flavors of pure honey.